Stephen LeBlanc

Stephen LeBlanc was raised in a musical background being born and raised in Central New Brunswick, Canada. His musical passion was just the beginning of this whole heart rocker and entertainer with over two years of online radio experience. Hailing from Atlantic Canada, Stephen’s broadcasts a colorful list of darkness and lightened persona makes for and outstanding “RAW” and Metal online radio adventure. Metal Nation Radio is the means for promoting worldwide independent and original material and is the attraction to Stephen’s underground metal music list. Stephen brings forth his passion and dreams to the great team at Metal Nation Radio. Email for your request’s. Talented artist’s in all metal genres, current and up-and-coming metal music.

Show Times

Maximum 110 – Sunday’s 8pm – 11 am EST – Worldwide Independent & Original Heavy Metal

Min.60km – Wednesday’s 8 pm – 10 pm EST – Atlantic Canada Maritime Rock & Heavy Metal

24.0 Late Night – Thursday’s 9 pm – 11pm EST – Mainstream Metal music 1970’s – Today

Facebook: @maximum110

Twitter: @StephenLeblanc0