Reese Gentle

Reese may have many names but Diablo is the one that he chose to be known by. Born in the depths of hell (most people know it as Yorkshire), Diablo emerged at an early age as a metal obsessed maniac with a thirst for music and a passion for new sounds. Listening to the streamed sounds the commercial stalwarts were pumping out frustrated him because he knew there were so many untouched acts out there that just weren’t getting heard. Then there was radio! Being able to share all the music he was discovering with such a wide audience was like liquid paraffin poured on a raging inferno. His passion for promoting all this great music is evident when you listen to his shows. Metal has been Diablo’s guardian since a very young age and even though all the changes in the industry have meant that there are less avenues to hear it on demand, in the world of radio at least it is certainly alive and kicking. Diablo’s aim is to bring tracks from the dark depths of the world of metal screaming into life over the airwaves! You can catch his shows every Saturday from 4pm-6pm eastern right here on Metal Nation Radio.