Mike Z

Radio Presenter

Mike Z got his first professional radio job in 1996 doing promotions and being a board operator at Y107 in Los Angeles. A year later, Mike moved on to KCBS-FM (where he met his future wife, and married in 2012). While working in their Promotions Dept, a high school friend started working at a station in Bakersfield, CA and managed to get Mike an on-air job there. After a few months, he went to another Bakersfield station (KRAB) and was eventually offered a full time job at a third Bakersfield station (KLLY) as the overnight DJ. Mike stayed at KLLY for over three years and worked his way up to Assistant Program Director and night time DJ, where he was #1 in the market. In 2000, Mike Z briefly left radio to work at the largest talent agency in the world, William Morris Agency. Having greatly missed radio, Mike soon found a job at KCXX in Riverside/San Bernardino, CA, where he started as a weekend DJ and ended four years later as Marketing/Promotions Director. In 2004, he went to a crosstown station, KCAL, where he has been a weekend DJ ever since. Mike found his new home at Metal Nation Radio and started in November 2015. Get “Radioactive” with Mike Z broadcasting live from Southern California!

Show Times:

Thursday 06:00 am -08:00 am (PST) 9a-11a (EST)

Friday 06:00 am-08:00 am (PST) 9a-11a (EST)

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