Mike Z

Radio Presenter

I’ll never forget watching the video for Poison’s “Fallen Angel” and saying to my best friend, “Lets start a band!” We did – I played drums, he played bass.  We decided to take a radio class in high school, just to hang out and listen to metal.  It was there that I was bitten by the radio bug and worked my way up the ranks to being the Program Director during my senior year.  In college, I invited the local modern rock station to our fraternity party and asked the guys if they were hiring and they were.  I got my first professional radio job in 1996 doing promotions and being a board operator.  A year later, I moved on to KCBS in Los Angeles (where I met my future wife, who I married in 2012) where I also did promotions.  My next job was in Bakersfield, CA where I worked at a couple stations until I was offered a full time job at KLLY.  I worked my way up to Assistant Program Director and night time DJ (where I was #1 in the market).  After several years, I decided to try the other side of the business and went to work for the first and largest talent agency in the world: William Morris Agency.  But after a few months there, I missed radio so I left to go work at KCXX in Riverside/San Bernardino, CA. I started as a weekend DJ and eventually worked my way into the Marketing/Promotions Director role.  After four years, I went to the crosstown station, KCAL, where I’ve been doing weekends since November 2004 and still do to this day (Sundays from 3p-7p PST).  From 2005-2011, I hosted a four hour heavy metal specialty show called “The Mosh Pit” where I would play new metal music, interview bands and give away concert tickets.  I lost the show to conservative radio trends but I wanted to continue to host a metal show. I found my new home at MNR in October 2015

Show Times:

Thursday 06:00 am -08:00 am (PST) 9a-11a (EST)

Friday 06:00 am-08:00 am (PST) 9a-11a (EST)

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