Jason Marchewka

Radio Presenter

Jason Marchewka (real name Dick Hertz) is the host of “In The Basement w/Jason Marchewka”  on Metal Nation Radio. His first foray into music came as the loose canon bass player for the band CUSTOM while in college at Wakanda A&M.

After spending many years on the road with CUSTOM, he started his own band, Bodily Fluid Cleanup Fee, which had a decent following but ended abruptly when “Jason” decided he was tired of people throwing creamy liquids at the stage during the band’s biggest hit “Creaming’s Easy”.

There were many failed music projects like Movie Theater Mosh Pit, Knuckle Cheese and Strip Club Cage Fighters. The final attempt in the music business was with a 3 piece band called Hip Flexor Inflamation.

Ironically enough, Arthritis was the downfall for H.F.I. when Jason developed a rare form of arthritis called Spondyloarthritis.

It was time for a career change and this is when he decided to try radio. “Jason” went from town to town, up and down the dial.

Then fate stepped in…when he found a duffle bag containing 7 million dollars. After waiting the required 30 days, the bag was unclaimed and now officially his property.

At this point “Jason” retired and became a member of the Metal Nation Radio team.