Trev McKendry

Trev McKendry a.k.a the Sin City Animal has been involved in the music industry in one form or another for over 25 years. He has worked security for bands, roadie/stage hand work, partner for independent record label to his current role as a band manager and CEO of Metal Nation Radio.  Trev got involved with [Read More]

Matty Grant

Originally from northern Ontario, Canada,  Matty grew up with Metal, Classic Rock and anything that pissed off his parents. Having the love for Heavy Metal (Metallica being his all time favorite) because it allowed him to scream what he wanted to say to all those who stood in his way. Matty started DJ’n local school dances [Read More]

Reverend Rock

Ross Ingall aka Reverend Rock has been a metal fan since the genre was invented having been reared on early Sabbath, AC/DC, Kiss, Rush, Judas Priest and the like. He loves and respects all forms of metal although he’s not into sub-genre nit-picking – if it kicks his ass then it’s good metal: United We Rock!. While it [Read More]