Feb 17th – Mike Z Speaks with Aussie Metallers Azreal

Mike Z talks to Australian metal band Azreal who are on the “Bound By The Road” tour rolling through America right now.  Mike Z talked with Azreal singer Luke and guitarist Jimmy about being on the road with Devildriver and Death Angel.  They also talk beer, whiskey, cartoons and how you can’t buy Fosters beer [Read More]

Jan 4th – Oriental Blackened Metal special at The Crypt

Join Geordie Blackcore in The Crypt Wednesday Jan 4th at 3am EST for a Oriental blackened metal special!  Dive into a world of very individual interpretations of oriental, arabian, or world ethnic related stories – brought to you by bands like CULT OF FIRE, OPETH, AL-NAMROOD and many more!

Dec 24th – Rustyn Speaks With Wolf Hoffmann

Come join us on Christmas Eve, December 24, as Rustyn Rose welcomes Wolf Hoffmann of Accept to Metalholic’s Anonymous. Hoffmann will talk about the band’s January 13 release of its new live DVD/CD set, Restless & Live. Tune in at 9am PST – Noon EST. Email your requests to metalnationresquests@gmail.com.

Dec 28th – Pagan Black Metal special on The Crypt

Join Geordie Blackcore in The Crypt Wednesday Dec 28th at 3am EST for a Pagan Black metal special show! Let’s celebrate the Wild Hunt (Oskorei / Agardsrei) with 3 hours of Pagan Black Metal to honor those mystical figures who are the leaders of thee ghost hordes. They come down each ending of the year [Read More]

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