Mar 4 – Rustyn Rose interviews Bill Fore of Mutiny Within

Join Rustyn Rose on Saturday March 4th as Bill Fore of Mutiny Within joins our weekly Metalholic’s Anonymous meeting to chat about the band’s new album, Origins. Fore, who is also the drummer for Angel Vivaldi, will talk about how the new album came together, the dynamics of creating music when the band is spread [Read More]

Feb 25 – Rustyn Rose interviews Sean Tibbetts of Sault and Kamelot

Join Rustyn Rose for the February 25th, 2017 Metalholic’s Anonymous meeting as he interviews bassist Sean Tibbetts of Sault and Kamelot about the upcoming debut album for Sault, Seeds of Power. Sault also features Kamelot drummer Casey Grillo, Arcanium guitarist Riggs on vocals, and Curtis Jay on guitar. Tune in at 9AM PST – Noon [Read More]

Mar 9 – DDubs Is Back With An Interview with Order Of Voices

Ddubs catches up with Ash and Leigh from Order of Voices.  From Sheffield, UK, Order of Voices have been creating very deep, layered melodic hard rock since 2009 and are soon to release their sophomore album, Constancy.  Ddubs catches up with Ash and Leigh to talk about the album, the band and the future

March 19th – DJ Ravnos speaks with Saille

DJ Ravnos interviews sensational Belgian black metal band, Saille.  You will hear tracks from the new album and get to know the singer of the band.  Also you will notice the new album, “Gnosis” is a step up from the last with it’s much more raw black metal feel and agression.

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