Bobby Death

Programming / Radio Presenter

Having been around the music industry from the time he was a very wee demon….it is no surprise Bobby Death is still involved. From as far back as he can remember he’s been attending shows and playing bass. And although he had previous broadcasting experience, he opted to go for, and received an audio engineering degree in upstate NY many, many lifetimes ago. Bobby learned from some of the leaders in the metal recording industry. After moving to Florida he found a love for internet radio which led him back to broadcasting and to hosting shows around the state.

And NOW…..

Coming to you straight out of the depths of Hell, Florida, USA for well over a decade…The House of Death opens its doors every week to bring you Bobby Death’s favorite metal found in every deep, dark, malevolent abyss, and behind every infernal fire and brimstone. You can join our cult every Sunday 10am-noon and Wednesdays 10pm-midnight EST…
So, come on in off the porch…grab one of Lady’s wicked gourmet brownies and…CRANK IT UP!!!