Band Submissions


Bands, want to have your music played on Metal Nation Radio? Please read the following information: To be considered for airplay please ensure

    • Each Submission should be wrapped in a ZIP (.zip) file. ZIP files are essentially virtual compressed FILE CABINETS. They can hold SEVERAL different types of files all together as ONE FILE. If you do not already have a program that makes/opens ZIP files, we recommend the open source (legally free) program 7-ZIP. Once you have installed and run 7-ZIP, your ready to ZIP your submission.

    • Each ZIP should include ALL of the following: (a) ALL TRACKS in MP3 format (160 kb/s Minimum). (b) a CD COVER scan (300×300 pixels Minimum).

    • If your submission is a DEMO or ADVANCED release without a CD COVER, then a BAND LOGO will be acceptable as a last resort (also no smaller than 300×300), but ALL submissions MUST include a CD COVER or replacement for our system.

      • ALL MP3s should be clearly tagged/named so that the following info is CLEAR and easy to see: (a) Band Name (b) Album Name (c) Song # (d) Song Name. An example would be My Band – My CD – 01 – My First Song.  MP3s should also include correct metadata.

  • Because a full album with artwork can be between 30MB-150MB in size (depending on bitrate and size of the album), you will need to either upload the ZIP to YOUR WEBSITE (by FTP) or use a FREE service like Dropbox, WeTransferHightail, or SendSpace.

We DO NOT guarantee that all submissions will receive airplay

We WANT to support new and independent bands, but we will NOT help those who are too lazy to show a minimum amount of effort. It’s surprising how many emails we get a day that just simply skip the “hellos” and say something like “Check out my band at www….. and let us know if you can play us.” We simply do NOT have the time and it’s not fair to those who actually take the time to properly format their submissions. This is true for pretty much every station and a great tip for those who are new to submitting. Please consider that zipping up your album with its artwork included is something you can use over and over for every station.

Send all links to your ZIP files or download links to:

Thank you for your interest in Metal Nation Radio, we will contact you as soon as possible.